[drawing down the sky]

By: Jenuine Poetess

i drew down the sky
wrapping its blue oblivion
around me

inside my sparkling starscape
i find home

i do not frighten
the vastness
of the heavens

my being
is not too much
for the expanse
of the universe

here i am alien
dreams and laughter
too loud
hope and sorrow
too deep
love and love and love
too lavish
to fit
into spaces
into visions
into hearts

aching awkward
i long to fit
i stumble over a graveyard
of former selves
skeleton boxes
broken out of
shed skins of my becoming

there are no edges of sky
no sharp corners
unforgiving of my gracious curves
soft lines
ample identity

there are no suffocating ceilings
no impossibly high walls
no binding boundaries

for me to be whole
inside the
embrace of infinity