By: Jenuine Poetess

they will never go back
will never relinquish
will not diminish
any of the space they have decided
is theirs to take up

she will stop stooping
and cowering
and making herself small
she will not step aside
fold herself into pockets
shrink under the magnitude
of your not enoughness
evident when you name her,
“too much”

he will not cater to
care for
kowtow because your journey
to consciousness is humbling
because your path to awareness is painful
because checking your privilege is

she will not take on
take up
take over the burden
of your brokenness
with unceasing apologies—
because no,
she is not sorry for existing
not sorry for surviving
not sorry for having wounds in need of healing
not sorry for feeling, everything
not sorry for having the audacity to thrive

they will not tone down
shut up
calm down
cheer up
they will not make themself anything
other than authentic
just to suit your desires
your pleasure
your sense of entitlement

he will not make himself
to accommodate
your inadequacies
your insecurities
your incompetence

they will not ever fit back into the box
into the quiet
under the rugs
inside the shadows
into the corners and closets
where they were for so long

there is no reining in
no rewinding
no undoing
no erasing
who she is become

there is no more stifling
once we have