My body.

By: Cassie L. Smith

Let me teach you a lesson on the English language
This sentence structure isn’t open for interpretation
I am not a long-dead author open for dissection
Like a butterfly pinned to the wall for your affection
Like your high school English teacher forcing you to determine if blue means blue
When all the author meant was stay true to you
I am living
I am real
I am standing in front of you listening to you screw with my language
My body.
Full stop.
End of a sentence.
It isn’t a welcome or an entrance
For you to elongate this sentence.
It’s my body.
And yet you continue,
My body doesn’t meet you standards.
My body isn’t what you prefer.
My body fails to meet this preconceived notion of what is ideal.
End of sentence.
I am the accumulation of my failings, successes, bravery and, willingness to love
I am beautiful, determined, dedicated and consist of
Nothing that involves your opinion.
So, stop.
It’s my body.
End of sentence.