Abuse (in honor of Michael Brown)

By: Diamante Maya

Abuse, don’t you just hate that word
Abuse, the misuse of power, that invades our
Self-Respect, when we expect
To be stripped of a gift from God called self-esteem
You mean, we are worthy to be loved
We are not just pieces of dirt, doormats
To be stomped on, trampled on, that have no voice,
That have no hope
Well, what if we elope
Nope, not with the injustices of America, but
With a being that loves the Black community,
A being that calls us lovely
A being that died, so that we can rise
From this scum that’s coated our hearts time after time
We are meant to shine
And not believe those lines of lies injustice tries to convince us of
No, we will not believe that is love
People in the U.S. say they love us
We say show us
When do all of us say enough is enough
All this stuff that us been done to us
America, open your eyes
And see the demise
You’ve brought upon us
But don’t expect us to wait for you to see
Because you see, our God says we are free
Free from this disease called racial inequality
We will no longer be an object of your wrath
Physically, verbally, mentally, emotionally
We are free to be who God has called us to be
Not people stuck in captivity
No more innocent murders
No more police violence at our borders
We will non-violently fight
And peacefully exercise and defend our rights
If we don’t, we enable this behavior
And this country poorly reflects our Savior, unless we savor this moment
And break the chains
That cause darkness to rein
In the USA
We despise this death that has taken our breath away
And we say, NO MORE
For sur..ly goodness and mercy will follow us
ALL the days of our life
Despite the time lost
Jesus paid the cost
And we will be tossed no more
For we are more precious than silver and gold
Behold, the lamb of God
Calling us to embrace the grace and discover our place
No more disgrace, seeking His face,
We too can come taste and see
And declare with the Holy trinity
Like Dr. King
Let Freedom Ring!!
We sing it to the tops of the mountains and
Depths of the sea
Let Freedom Ring!
Jesus’ death on a tree
Allows us to be
Vessels, broken vessels
Of the most high God of the universe
Michael Brown’s life didn’t have to end in a hearse
It could have been defended by this verse
Let Freedom Ring!
Dr. King was being
Empowered by the Holy Spirit
So you can hear it
These many years later
Let Freedom Ring!
This freedom we speak of
Does not stop from God above
But extends to the ends of the earth
It’s worth our fight
On behalf of those that have been oppressed and pressed down
This misuse of power has showered abuse
Not only on whole races, but also whole places,
Whole nations, across generations
This verse we bring from Dr. King
Can cut the sting
Of abuse
So please choose with us to
Let Freedom Ring
We each have something to bring

Written 9/10/10 to address domestic violence
Adapted 8/17/14 to address racial injustice… spurred on by a prayer vigil after the events in Ferguson, Missouri involving the innocent death of Michael Brown.