What if?

By: Faith Rivers

What if
What if what they always thought to be true
Was actually the bible being misconstrued?
They say homosexuality is an abomination
And this nation is being led by moral degradation
But what if they are the ones contributing to the demise
By believing the lies that judgment and hate
Should out rate love
What if God is more concerned about the heterosexual, distant union
Than the homosexual union characterized by profound love and communion
People so in love, they would be willing to suffer through the hate and rejection
A reflection of Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross
The message of the bible gets lost
Entangled in tradition and fears entrenched in years of norms
What if Jesus is hearing all the prayers of those who mourn
And is tired of seeing His loved ones take their lives
For an issue that doesn’t even cause Him surprise
Because His eyes don’t see gender, but rather people surrendered to
To motives that are pure, love that is sure
What if they are wrong?
And all along God does not abhor those that fall in love
Whether the same sex or different race
As long as you can trace their fruit back to the Spirit
What If they are the ones deceived
And the enemy has convinced them to believe
Fear, judgment, and tradition supersede
Love, honesty, and purity of heart
Yes, a stark contrast to what lesbians, gays, and bisexuals are told
Made to feel their love is cold and impure
A sin for sure
And then to be lured into the lie of self-hate
Fed by the intolerance of those who can’t relate
So homophobic they try to determine people’s fate
What if lesbians, gays, and bisexuals can be in God’s will
Following and serving Jesus still
What if instead of condemnation
God feels elation for his creation
Experiencing love enduring the test of time
True sacrifice and service that binds,
A beautiful picture of God’s plan
Experienced in flesh, first hand
What if what God cares about in the raising of children
Is not the gender of their parents, but whether they have the fruits of the Spirit
What if the measure for what is right and wrong
Was not a few culturally bound scriptures
But rather a picture of the love of Christ flowing
What if they are helping the enemy without knowing