Everyone has a story.

Our stories are not always welcomed, invited, heard.

This is a space for Unsilence.  To tell truths.  To bear witness to one another’s moments.

This space is for all kinds of narratives; it is not only for survivor stories though if that is what you have to tell, please know your words are welcome.

This is a safe space.  A healing space.  Bullying, harassment, hate speech will not be tolerated.  Being Unsilent includes an intention of responsibility, consciousness, and respect.

Your words matter.  To share them on this blog, email us your work at:

Please note the following guidelines:

  • Original non-fiction (in the form of poetry, prose, personal essays/memoir, freeverse, etc) will be considered.  
  • When submitting, note how you would like to be identified: “anonymous,” with initials, a name (pen or real, please provide name as you would like it to appear).  
  • At this time, we are only taking submissions in English (or in another language with accurate English translation).  
  • If you would like your name/initials linked to another blog or website, please include that information.

This is not a press.  This is not a literary journal.  This is not a substitute for therapy.

This is a community of support and solidarity.  This is an online outlet to be Unsilent.  We believe that #courageiscontagious and that there is medicine in our collective “me too.”

*Keeping identities confidential, private, and anonymous when requested is of utmost importance.  The priority is to protect this space and its contributors so we may be an empowering, healing, and affirming community for one another.*

All content published in the Unsilent blog belongs to the original author, not to this page, and may not be shared without credit.


Sometimes people like to plan ahead or have a theme/goal to work toward.  Somtimes courage needs a little heads up.  To that end, please peruse the loose schedule of spotlighted topics for each month throughout the year (if we’re missing any important themes please be sure to let us know)!

At the start of each month, we’ll post a call for narratives and list the themes spotlighted for that month.  Again, we will consider and publish non-fiction narratives on any theme or topic at any time; you don’t have to wait for the month.

• Codependency
• Slavery & Human Trafficking
• Psychological / Emotional Abuse

• Black Lives Matter
• Teen Dating Violence
• Intimate Partner Violence
• Bloodstories

• Womyn’s Herstories
• Deaf Culture & Experience
• Self-care & Radical acts of Self Love

• Autism Acceptance
• Arab-American Experience & Identity
• Child Abuse
• Sexual Assault

• Mental Health
• Lupus/Invisible Illnesses
• Asian-Pacific Experience & Identity
• Spiritual Abuse

• Belief/Faith stories of inclusion/exclusion
• Eating/Feeding Disorders

• Abilities/Disabilities Acceptance
• Migration Experiences
• Body Image
• Illness and/or Injury

• Survivor Stories
• Parenting & Child-Free Identities
• Community Violence

• Latinx/Hispanic Experience & Identity
• Suicide
• Self-Harm

• Cancer
• Domestic Violence
• Infant Loss & Miscarriage
• Bullying

• Police Brutality
• Racism
• Indigenous/Aboriginal/First Nations Experience & Identity

• Family
• Trans* Experience & Identity
• Peace & Global Violence
• Grief & Loss

To sum up: please for sure do send in your truths.  Any time.  Any topic. As often as you need to.